Oral Piercing- Do You Know the Risks?

There are many forms of self-expression- art, writing, fashion, even body piercing. When it comes to oral piercings, however–such as lip, labret, cheek, and tongue piercings–it’s important to know all the risks involved.

Know The Risks Before You Pierce

Piercing anywhere near the mouth is very different than simply piercing an earlobe. The oral cavity is home to an abundance of bacteria as well as an intricate system of nerves and blood vessels. Because of this, there are a number of health-related risks associated with oral piercings.

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July Celebrations!

In honor of great weather (in most areas of the country), and summertime fun, July has been given the titles of National Grilling Month, National Picnic Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Baked Beans Month, and National Ice Cream Month (along with many more National Month titles)!  What an awesome month to celebrate!  But, how did this month become the favorite month for grilling and picnicking, hot dogs, beans and ice cream? Let’s take a look at these fun month-long celebrations for the sunny month of July.

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What Causes Stained Teeth?

We often take steps to achieve that sparkling white smile when we brush in the morning and before we go to bed. The truth is, what we consume throughout the day is often the largest contributor to whether or not our smile will light up a room.

Although there are several causes for tooth discoloration, we can separate them into three basic categories: intrinsic, extrinsic, and age-related discoloration. Here’s how each affects your teeth, and what you can do to ensure a life full of bright, healthy smiles.


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Oral Cancer: What are the causes, and am I at risk?

The fact is clear: oral cancer kills.  About one person every hour in the US dies from a type of oral cancer, over 48,000 people every year.  One of the dangers of this cancer is that it can go unnoticed in its early stages. It can be painless, and physical changes may not be obvious. For these reasons, late stage discovery is more common than early detection, which leads to a higher mortality rate.  What, then, are the causes of oral cancers, and how do we know if we are at risk of developing it?

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Women in Dentistry- Celebrating Women’s History Month

Today, women make up almost half of all dental school students, and about 25% of all practicing dentists.  It was not always so, however.  In America, prior to the 1970’s, women made up less than 3.5% of all dentists.  In the last 45 years, women have made significant changes to the world of dentistry.  More women than ever are obtaining degrees, establishing dental practices, and making strides in the dental profession.

In the late 1800’s women began to have a presence in dental schools and the dental profession, although that presence was very minimal.  According to Hannelore T. Loevy and Aletha A. Kowitz in “Dental education for women dentists in the United States: The beginnings”, American dental schools began to accept women into their programs in 1866, when the first woman was enrolled in a dental program.  By 1891-1893, there were 69 women in dental programs across the United States, making up 2.3% of dental school students.  Many University dental school programs, however, took a little longer to start accepting women into their programs; one prominent dental school, for example, waited until 1952 to accept women into their dental school.

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Family Spring Break Ideas

It is that time again- when the flowers are blooming and days are warming.  It is time for Spring Break!  Spring Break is a time in March or April when kids have about a week off from school.   That unscheduled block of time can lead to the kids getting bored, and leaves families wondering what to do to fill the time with something fun for the whole family.  There are a lot of great ideas out there, some that will take a larger budget and a larger time commitment, and some that you can do on the fly with little expense.  

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Our Top 10 Dental Gifts of 2015

Even though Christmas has come and gone, you may still have late gifts you are shopping for (maybe someone got you a gift that you hadn’t prepared for!) or you have Christmas spending money.

Regardless, the shopping experience can be completely overwhelming. From fighting crowds of people, finding a parking space, picking the perfect item, gift wrapping, bows, gift exchanges and returns…

In order to simplify the remainder of this holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite dental products of the year, sure to bring oodles of cheer (and happy smiles) to all your festivities.

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Traveling Dental Checklist

Your Traveling Dental Checklist – Check It Twice!

“‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Nothing was getting brushed, not even my mouth”

That’s not the poem you want to read this holiday, and if you pack properly before you travel, you won’t have to. So after loading up your favorite ugly Christmas sweater, computer and phone charger, make sure you don’t forget the necessities that will determine the success of your trip: the toiletries for your mouth.

Here’s a checklist you can use to ensure your teeth are taken care of this year:

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The Gift of a Bright, White Smile

The Gift of a Bright, White Smile

With the Christmas tree shining brightly in the window and Santa making preparations to visit kids all around the world, the holiday season is in full swing! Now is the time for numerous holiday parties, family get-togethers and countless pictures documenting the good times that may just find their way to social media for everyone to see.

Sound stressful? Have no fear! We have the perfect gift to give yourself to brighten this holiday season – and no, it is not the gift of your two front teeth, but it certainly could have an effect on them.

Our suggestion? The gift of a bright, white smile making this year a “White Christmas” for your teeth! Here’s why:

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