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Straightening the Way to a Perfect Smile

Straight teeth are an important part of a beautiful smile but they are equally important for optimum oral health. Orthodontics is the field of oral care that seeks to achieve a healthy mouth through the proper positioning of teeth and the realignment of the jaw. While orthodontics makes a significant impact on the appearance of your teeth, it plays an even more significant role on the overall health of your jaw structure.

Other benefits of orthodontics include:

  • Corrects speech, chewing, and biting difficulties
  • Contributes to longer lasting healthy teeth and gums
  • May alleviate physical problems such as TMD

Plano Dentistry - Aesthetic Plus

Straightening the Way to a Perfect Smile

Perfect-Start[2]What will Perfect Start Orthodontics Do For You?

  • Research based and clinically proven
  • Preventive and comprehensive therapy
  • Improves facial aesthetics
  • Addresses chronic childhood issues such as snoring, mouth breathing, bruxing, tongue-thrusting, thumb-sucking, etc.
  • Helps to avoid the need for extractions
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for braces
  • FDA compliant materials
  • ½ the cost of clear aligner or traditional orthodontic treatments
  • Qualifies for orthodontic insurance
  • Visible improvements seen within 1 month of treatment

At Aesthetic Plus, we offer two primary options when it comes to your orthodontic health. The first is traditional braces. As one of the original methods of tooth repositioning, traditional braces have advanced with the times. Currently, patients can choose from original stainless steel, ceramic, or glass braces depending on their preference. For patients who are deterred from seeking orthodontic care because of the appearance of brackets and wires from braces, we also offer the option of the Invisalign system. This revolutionary take on orthodontics has completely transformed the way we look at straighter teeth. Patients achieve the benefits on orthodontic treatment without the embarrassment that comes with bulky braces.

To get started on the process of straightening your smile, contact us at 972-203-6367 today and schedule a consultation. We believe you deserve a perfect smile and want to help make that a reality for you!