Mouthguards: Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

With the start of a new school year fast approaching, your kids will soon be busy with countless activities. Whether it’s contact sports, gymnastics, or just playing with friends, your child runs the risk of painful (and expensive) oral injuries. 


What if there was a simple precautionary measure that could greatly reduce your child’s risk of injury to the jaw, mouth, and teeth, while also lowering the risk of concussion and trauma? That would be an investment worth making, right?


That simple tool is, in fact, a reality.  We are talking about mouthguards — an essential piece of equipment for every active child.


Before your kids set foot on the field, court, or floor, schedule a visit to have them fitted for a professionally prescribed mouthguard. Professional mouthpieces provide optimal protection because they are customized by a dentist to fit your child’s mouth perfectly.


What Are Your Options for Custom Mouthguards?


  • Vacuum-Formed – The dentist takes an impression of a patient’s mouth and fashions a custom mouthpiece to cover all teeth.


  • Pressure Laminated – Also custom-made, this type provides even greater protection thanks to a thicker molding.


Laminated mouthpieces typically last a bit longer than vacuum-formed, though both are highly durable, with a nice, snug fit. Your child’s dentist can even create personalized mouthguards that incorporate team colors, names and more.


Because mouthguards are created to the exact shape and dimensions of the mouth and teeth, your child can easily talk and breathe while using the piece during sports and activities, without worrying about it falling out.


Oral Trauma: Not Just Football, Boxing and Hockey


Injuries are nothing to chance — especially when it comes to sports. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), a third of all oral injuries are related to athletic activities. And while mouthpieces are required in football, boxing and hockey, they are not typically a requirement in other contact sports.  


For youth with braces, wearing a properly fitted mouthguard can be even more important. One blow to the mouth or face could damage the brackets or other fixed orthodontic appliances, not to mention the damage it could cause in their mouth. A mouthguard provides a barrier between their cheeks and lips and the braces, which will help prevent further injuries.


Here’s why anyone playing sports should consider using a mouthpiece:


  • According to Nationwide Children’s, a person is 60 times more likely to experience an injury to their teeth if a mouthguard is not worn during a sporting activity.
  • Participation in sports has increased, which means injuries are also on the rise. The ADA states that 10-20 percent of sports injuries are to the mouth, jaw, teeth, cheeks and forehead.
  • According to Colgate, mouthguards thwart 200,000+ dental injuries annually.  
  • It’s much more affordable to wear a mouthguard than it is to correct oral injuries that occur from not wearing one.


Get Started — Before School Does


Visit Aesthetic Plus Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Plano to have your child professionally fitted for a mouthguard, just in time for school. We are happy to teach you and your child how to use, clean, and store their important new piece of equipment.


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