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Here's what our patients have to say...

As Diana's 40th Birthday was approaching, her one wish was to have a beautiful smile she could share with the world. Although she was vibrant and fun loving, she had always been embarrassed by her teeth, and usually hid her mouth with her hand when she laughed around others. Birthday celebrations meant photos, and Diana decided that this time, things would be different. This year, she wanted a picture for the photo album that showed her as she really was - a gorgeous woman who enjoyed life and laughter. Her best friend encouraged her to make an appointment with the dentists at Aesthetic Plus, and she agreed to take the leap. At her first appointment, Dr Cory Nguyen helped her plan a complete makeover of her smile. His energy and enthusiasm about Diana's life-changing decision was contagious, and his focus on precision and perfection made her feel confident that she had made a good choice. She could hardly wait to see the results. Over the next 10 days, Diana received 4 anterior Empress porcelain veneers, 3 Empress metal-free porcelain crowns and 4 Nobel Biocare implants to rejuvenate her smile. Her smile was transformed, and with the first look in the mirror, her self-confidence began to blossom. "I'm really glad I did this. My friends are amazed at the difference it has made in my appearance." She adds, "I am so excited! I'm planning a fun vacation to celebrate and show off my new smile.
Harriet was an outgoing and vibrant woman who had spent many years in local politics. All her adult life, she had been involved in the Dallas Community serving numerous boards, and had held several public offices. Over the years, her teeth had become discolored and she was increasingly self-conscious of her smile. Harriet made an appointment with Dr. Vi to discuss having her teeth whitened. During the initial consultation, Dr Vi listened to Harriet's concerns and asked her some questions to help plan the best way to treat her smile. The conversation revealed that Harriet loved iced tea and drank several glasses a day. Dr. Vi explained to Harriet that even if her teeth were whitened, they would become discolored again if she continued to drink tea. Being a true Texan, Harriet was not interested in giving up her iced tea. Dr. Vi recommended veneers to solve the problem of Harriet's discolored teeth and to lengthen teeth which had become shortened by years of wear. Harriet opted to have 8 veneers placed, which gave her a more youthful and natural smile. Harriet was thrilled with the outcome and her friends and family commented about how great she looked.
"Wow, it is great to have my smile back! Dr. Cory Nguyen and his friendly staff really do know how to put a smile on your face. I had some major dental problems that required numerous extractions and then the dental implants. Most of these were done under light sedation. The whole procedure took over four months and about eight visits to the office. The temporary teeth that I was given while waiting for the implants to heal worked so well that no one even knew unless I told them. Now that I have my new teeth, I can eat about anything I want and flash a big smile to everyone."
Jim Roberts
"There is an old, but often true joke, that doctors always are the worst patients. Nothing could be more true for myself and dentistry. A real phobia of dentists since childhood had caused me to neglect dental care for decades, 1 only went when the pain exceeded my ability to withstand. I had gotten to the horrible point where I was gluing in broken teeth and partials that were years old. My mouth always hurt and I had stopped smiling years ago.
On the insistence of family I finally gave in to my fear and embarrassment and made an appointment at Aesthetic Plus. There I met Dr. Cory and Dr. Vi Nguyen. I was impressed by the photo books of previous cases, many that looked as bad as my smile, yet had been transformed. Then through computer imaging, they showed me what my teeth "could" look like with proper treatment. I was very excited. However, in the back of my mind was the phobia of pain that had kept me away for years. Both doctors assured me that the treatments would be painless because of advancements in sedation and other techniques to help with both physical, and mental, pain or fear. They were right, and all the serious work was done with me in a light sleep. I had 5 or 6 implants and didn't even know it was done. Now, I don't need any anesthesia except normal numbing like anyone. I quickly learned I could trust them, and their skill prevented all the pain I feared. My smile is beautiful, and very natural. I have sent my own family to them and I always recommend them when a patient asks about dental care. It is amazing to able to smile, eat, and chew again. I now smile at my patients instead of hiding the ugly teeth I had before. It really is life altering and I wish everyone with dental problems or fears could meet Dr. Cory or Dr. Vi and have their life changed by these true medical artists."
Dr. Scott McGregor
"I lost a tooth as a result of a childhood bicycle accident approximately 27 years ago. I visited several dentists over the years who attempted to provide solutions for my ordeal. However, none of the treatments I received ever satisfied my aesthetic and athletic requirements. I am a Systems Engineer in corporate America and I also play sports on a regular basis. I needed a dental solution that was visually attractive and could also withstand the test of time. Dr. Cory has finally provided the solution that I've been in search of for many years. Dr. Cory went beyond the "call of duty" and surpassed my dental needs. I am now 100% satisfied with my smile makeover I received at Aesthetic Plus! I can now smile with confidence assured that my smile looks its best! Thanks Dr. Cory! You're one of the best in the business. You can expect several future referrals from me!"
"Dear Dr. Cory, I want to thank you with unending gratitude for my new smile. It's like a dream come true. It's taken me a couple of days to realize that yes, this is for real, and god willing I will have this beautiful smile to share with others for many years to come. Thank you for listening to my concerns and ensuring that my smile reflected who I am. I love the shade, luminosity, and contour of my new smile. I also greatly appreciate the fact that you were able to close the gap around my implanted tooth. Thank you for the Zoom 2 whitening treatments. The results are amazing. My friends and family have honestly commented on how all of my teeth look whiter, yet very natural. Their comments have been so positive and comforting to hear. Your dedication, knowledge, generosity, and kindness are so commendable. Thank you again."
Marianne Waggoner
"I'm so happy to be out in the world sporting my new beautiful smile! My dream for a better smile came true and I owe it to Dr. Cory Nguyen at Aesthetic Plus. My experience has proven to be rewarding from start to finish. During my consultation, Dr. Cory was extremely informative and understood that Cosmetic Dentistry was a big decision for me. He took the time to listen to my concerns and what I wanted to achieve, as well as taking all my questions seriously no matter how simple they may have seemed to him. Then, Dr. Cory personally showed me before and after pictures of his recent patients. The transformations were no less than amazing! With his attention to detail and natural eye for aesthetic beauty, it's easy to see how truly gifted Dr. Cory is in his specialty, and how passionate he is about Cosmetic Dentistry. In addition to Dr. Cory's expertise, at Aesthetic Plus you'll see the most sophisticated up-to-date dental equipment, technology, and techniques. Dr. Cory also works very closely with the Dental Lab to ensure his patients get most beautiful, healthy, all-natural smile that will keep them smiling for years to come. If you've considered Cosmetic Dentistry, I strongly recommend Dr. Cory, Dr. Vi, and their wonderful staff of caring professionals."